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Tips for SAFETY when people are in your home

These tips are first because they are so very important to your safety but for the safety of anyone that is in your home and any Potential Buyers for your home, Bear in mind that strangers will be in your home and to keep your valuable items locked up safe and secure

  • Lock up or remove all your valuables and especially Jewelry 
  • Discard old prescriptions in a safe manor. Yes, people might go through your medicine cabinets so take your prescriptions with you when you leave for a showing. ·
  • Lock up or Remove all firearms from the home


Tips on Preparing your House to Sell

  · Welcome potential Buyers by putting a fresh coat of paint on your front door. This will be the first thing people see and you want to make a good first impression. 

  • I would paint all the exterior doors for good measure. ·
  •  Clean up the outside yard front and back and sides. Touch up the landscaping, and if the season is right plant a few bright flowers. 
  • · Organize everything…Yes everything. Shoes, towels, blankets, spices, clothes, closets. Trust me this is something that is a must do, the reasons are almost endless. 
  • Clean the inside and outside of all the windows.
  • Clean the exterior of the house, midew on siding is not good
  • Pack up personal items, pictures, knickknacks, extra anything. The goal here is to depersonalize and to make things look larger, so in theory, the less items in a closet the bigger the closet appears.
  •  Maybe even rent a storage unit to keep your items. You have to pack them up sometime anyways when you move, might as well get a head start. · 
  • Clean, clean and clean. Buyers want to make sure that the home has been well cared for and they will look inside cupboards, closets, appliances, and even the basement and garage, bathtubs, sinks, even under the sinks. 
  • · Touch up the walls and touch up the paint where ever you see a mark or a hole. Buyers want to see a home they are thinking of buying in the best shape possible. If you have nail holes showing and badly painted walls that doesn’t leave a good impression. 
  •  · Clean the drapes or take them down to make the home brighter. ·
  •  Rearrange furniture to make the room appear as large as possible.
  •   · Put out a new doormat 
  • · Ensure your home not only looks clean but smells clean, maybe put out some air fresheners. ·
  •  Put out new towels (I would consider white for that SPA like Look) in all the bathrooms and arrange them like a Fancy Hotel does. ·
  •  Clear your kitchen countertops. The less stuff on them the better. 
  •  · If you have an office pack up as much as possible and never leave any personal documents or information anywhere in your home.  


Repair or Replace

Repair Broken items or Replace Broken Items. 

This is very important because potential home buyers might notice that a broken window or missing door handel or a misalligned door. A clogged sink or roof leak will not impress a home buyer. 

So please go through the inside and outside of your home just like the Professional Home Inspection Company will do once your in contract to sell your home. 

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