Popular Central Ohio Neigborhoods, Cities & Towns

Powell, Ohio


This is one of the most Popular Central Ohio Neighborhoods, Cities and Towns, One on the most highly sought out towns to live in Central, Ohio, Be it for the beauty of the streets or the fine amenities, to its historic downtown and community activites, this is one town you should explore when searching for a new home.

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Dublin, Ohio


Dublin Ohio is a large city with the small town feeling. Once your exploring the community you will find there is a true neighborhood feeling and sence of community in this city. Also packed with amenities for both toddlers to senior this town will make you feel at home.

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Westerville, Ohio


This amazing town holds one of the top colleges in the country "Otterbein University", and at the same time has a beautiful revitalized quaint downtown to explore and enjoy the shops and restaurants. This town also has wonderful amenties to partake in.

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Delaware, Ohio


A lot of wonderful things can be said about this College town "Ohio Wesleyan". The downtown is always busy with community activities and events, not to mention you feel like your visiting (Mayberry U.S.A.) when you walk the historic streets. 

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New Albany, Ohio


The architecture in this town is stunning, each neighborhood has its own individual flair. New Albany ist rich in amenities and community.  This town of both beautiful and has both large and small neighborhoods that will make you feel welcome.

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Hilliard, Ohio


Hilliard Ohio is in the nestled in the center of Central Ohio and boasts a large population of family friendly neighborhoods. This town has historic and newer community features. Hilliard has tons of Shopping, sports and entertainment of all sorts and for all ages.

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Popular & Highly Sought Out Neighborhoods

Columbus, Ohio


Columbus Ohio, So many positive things can be said that is truly is too much to put into a short bio. Needless to say this is one highly spirited College Town. Ohio State fans flock to this town and support the local businesses here. This town is expanding daily and the other communities seamlessly blend into one fantastic city that has the look and feel of New York City.

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Grove City, Ohio


Grove City contains the name "City" in it but it would be more appropriate to call it Grove Town. This is a city with the small town feel from neighborhood picnics to strolling the welcoming neighborhood walkways. Community is important to the citizens in the town. You simple must drive the streets and see.

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Bexley, Ohio


Bexley is astonishing with its tree lined streets and historic neighborhoods cotaining some of the biggest and glorious homes in Central Ohio. Quaintness abounds almost everywhere you look and the comminuty still hold close the richness and glamour. Privledge education is one reason this town is highly sought out as the best places to raise a family.

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Canel Winchester, Ohio


If you crave a small villiage to live in then this is the place, it is a growing city but maintains the villiage feel. The area parks and fishing pond will bring on memories of yesteryear. 

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Lewis Center, Ohio


 Lewis Center is one of the fastest growing towns becuase of the schools, shopping and 18 area parks. Alum Creek State Park and Highbanks Metro Park are just a few of the outdoor areas your like exploring, then stop in to the shopping and entertainment areas that are just minutes away. This town lacks for nothing. 

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Worthington, Ohio


Worthington is a mix of modern neighborhoods right blended with established neighborhoods. There are street where you can sit on a park bench and also visit a farmers market. Yes, this is another town where your close to area ammenities but still poised among picturesque garden and tree lined neighborhoods.

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Popular Towns & Neighborhoods

Blacklick, Ohio


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Marysville, Ohio


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Renoldsburg, Ohio


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Plain City, Ohio


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Sunbury, Ohio


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Whitehouse, Ohio


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