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Perplexed on how to get started in finding your dream home in Central Ohio?

It can be very confusing about how to take the first step to find perfect home or condo for you and your family.  

This is where I come in, simple pick up the phone and call or text me: (614) 483-8136.

Central Ohio Buyers, Central Ohio Condo Buyers, House Buyers & Condo Buyers.

You are who I work for. 

We can get discuss all the ways I can assist you in your home search.

 We can get to know each other and maybe even site down at a coffee shop and see just how I can ease your search and guide you from the first step all the way through until you put the key to your new home in the door lock and turn it to open the door to your new  DREAM HOME!   

And the best part is that I work for you for  NO CHARGE! 

That’s right you get me- a Top Real Estate Agent in Central Ohio and I work for you for:


You will see that my experience and enthusiasum are just a few of the benifits of working with me.

I will work closely with you to ensure you are provided you with the knowledge of the Home Purchase Process and I will guide you through every part from the start of our first conversation.

 Home Buyers, House Buyers, Condo Buyers, Central Ohio Home Buyers that I have previously worked with can atest to my Proven Record as a Top Realtor and how I will assist you in refining your Search Criteria such as: Local Neighborhoods Number of Bedroom Kitchen features Garage Spaces Square Footage and your Price Range.

 I will also recommend and guide you to different financing options. 

I have several Mortgage Specialist that you can interview and those professionals will help you figure out the best financing options that fit your specific needs. 

  The Real Estate Market in Central Ohio is very fast moving and it is best to have your pre-approval in hand prior or simultaneously while looking for a home.

 This way if you happen to find your Dream Home you are positioned to place your best offer and have the pre-approval ready to submit to the Seller Agent. Having the pre-approval in hand makes your Purchase Offer more substantial and puts you in a better position when submitting your Purchase Offer. 

If fact, some Seller’s even require that Buyers are Pre-Approved prior to viewing their homes! 

Once we have your search criteria in place we will begin to search for the perfect home in just the right location and at a best price! I have listed some of the tools and resources that I offer my clients below. 

Please feel free to use the form below and request these information resources. Or simply contact me via: Email me: amy@amydawsonsmith.com Text or Call me: (614) 483-8136   

Be sure to visit the BUYING A HOME IN CENTRAL OHIO Page for additional resourses

Home is the place you make your dreams!

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Experienced Skilled Negotiator


After you have found your DREAM HOME, this next step is to Write a PURCHASE OFFER. 

That process is essential to moving forward and achieving your goal of purchasing the home. 

For that process you need a Realtor like me, who is a experienced negotiator. I have the education and stanima to follow your directive in this process. 

After all, I work for you and I am your facilitator. 

You are calling all the shots.

Home Purchasing Process


This is where my expertise in every aspect of any Home Buying is of maximum value to my clients. I am a skilled negotiator and I will guide you through the proces of buying your new home from: 

Search to Closing.

Starting with your want's and needs for in a new home to the viewing and running market comparables. 

Once you find the home you would like to put a Purchase Offer in on, we will then write that offer together. If you and the Seller agree on Contract terms. I will guide you with the rest of the steps in the purchasing process, and you'll be one step closing to closing.


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Better yet, Let's get together at our office or a coffee shop! Call us at: (614) 483-8136


We love to meet new clients. Please feel free to call or text us at: (614) 483-8136 and we can meet at our office and sit down with a cup of coffee and see how we can assist you in your real estate needs.

E-Mail: amy@amydawsonsmith.com

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