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When should I put my house on the Real Estate Market?

If you need to sell fast for a Job Requirement that of course the answer is? The time is now! But if you do not need to sell fast, you can list your home for sale anytime of the year. Fall, Spring and Summer are usually the busiest seasons.

What determines the list price for selling our house?

There are many ways a Professional Real Estate Agent, uses to determine price. One method is a Comparative Market Analysis a.k.a. CMA. Other methods are P.P.S.F. Which is price Per Square Foot, and also the Appraisal Method.

What is a Comparative Market Analysis? a.k.a. C.M.A.

 A agent searches recently sold property that are a close comparison to the seller's home, and in the same geographical area. By comparing these properties, and adjusting for feature differences, an agent determnines a estimate range of value. 

Then a Second CMA should be run on currently listed homes. Then comparing both previously sold homes with current listed home a price range is determined.

The Seller then chooses the List Price based on the Realtors suggested price range.

How long will it take for my house to sell?

This is the most frequently asked question. The answer varies by Location, list price, current home market trends, selling strategies, number of inspections and remedys, buyers mortgage lenders processing and more..

Not to mention, your homes exterior and interior appearance and features.

Remember when selling your home you want your home to appeal to as many home buyers as possible. 

What will slow down the selling of my home?

This is a questions that not many sellers think to ask but it is very important. You want to appeal to the most home buyers as possible, so if you have listed your home too high that can turn away buyers. Not having your home available to view when realtors call to set appointments is a big deal. if the Buyers reator cant get the buyer in to view the home then that is one less buyer that might be putting in a Purchase offer. being difficult with the buyers negotiations. You will want ot be as reasonalble as possible so you do not loose a good purchase offer.

What else should I know about selling or buying a home?

Now this is the best question to ask and one that I can honestly say is my favoritereal estate question. Why, is it my favorite? It is my favorite realtor questions because I love to meet and talk to Home Sellers and Home Buyers. There are countless questions I can answer and too many to list here on this page, so...If you give me a call, or a text or we can arrange to get together I will be thrilled to answer every question you have. There is not such thing as a real estate related questions too small to ask me. 

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