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Get Pre-Qualified!


Gettting Pre-Qualified for a mortgage is imparative. 

Most lenders will want information from you so they can provide you a Pre-Qualified Letter. Each Lender has different calculations in their Pre-Qualification Process but generally speaking they will help you:

 Find out:

  • Exactly how much home or land you can afford.
  • How much money you will need for the down payment.
  • The minimum down payment and advantages of higher down payments.
  • What the lender determines you can afford for a monthly payment.
  • What your taxes and insurance costs may be.
  • What other lending options you have in the Home Mortgage Marketplace.

We adhear to the Strictnest of Client Confidentiality.


I do not guarantee the results to be accurate and you should seek a lenders calulation.

Lender List


A Lender Pre-Approval is one of the most important pieces to have in place when your making a Purchase offer on a new home.

Our Lender List contains some of the Best of the Best of Lenders.

Be sure to review and compare all lending options before making a choice of which lender you are working with.

Each Lender will have different programs that yoy lending needs may fit into. It is in your own best interest to evaluate these programs and options when considering which Lender you are going to have process your new hoem mortage with.

One important question to ask your lender is:

"How long will it take to process the home mortgage"?

Why is this an important question is because each type of loan takes different lengths of time to process.

Such as if your seacking a Conventional Mortgage then the usual time is about 30 days.

A FHA Mortgage is usually 45 to 60 days.

This translates into what you can write in a Home Purchase Offer and can affect how the Sellers receive your offer. 

Having your Lenders Pre-Qualified guidlines with you will help you and your agent in determining the terms of the Purchase Offer you would like to write.

You should also be aware that it will also give your offer the time line you need to get to closing.

Close the deal


I will use my expertise in Getting you to CLOSING within the Terms of your Purchase Contract is Paramount.

I will provide you a guideline to every step of your new home Purchase. This will help you meet important contract requirment time periods.

For instance, but not limited to, when you need to meet a Home Inspection completion date, as well as a list of Professional Home Inspection Companies to review and hire.

I will help keep you and your lender informed of important deadlines that should keep you on track to CLOSING.

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